Production Development

From script to screen and everything in-between, we are a full service video production resource with a focus on Documentary Film production.

Our partners are leaders among video production companies across the United States. Our production team creates award-winning material.



A video can’t wait to share begins with a script and storyboard you’ll never forget. At Nolatown, we know video pre-production is perhaps the most important element of video development. Per-production creates the foundation you need for your visuals, voice-overs, animations and other breathtaking elements to tell you story.

Pre-Production Projects

  • Unspoken Black Pioneers of Science and Innovation
  • Black Scientists have made significant contributions to their respective fields of science. They have all, in their own way, carved their place in history and helped further human understanding.
  • Covid -19 PTSD
  • Could the emotional toll of the Covid-19 pandemic lead to long-term mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stess.
  • I’m Not The Stepdad, I’m The Dad That Stepped Up
  • Men that have taken the role of the father with all the love, understanding and connection as any biological parent should have for their children.


Post-production video editing takes good videos and turns them into great video experiences. At Nolatown, our team of talented editors and artists does just that, fine-tuning your filmed content with in-house post production editing.

Video Production

Seven Seconds. That’s the amount of time you have to hook your audience and get them engaged, allowing the rest of your message to be received positively and enthusiastically. Those first seven seconds mater, and with Nolatown, they’re always our best seven seconds.

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